Top 10 most visited countries in the world

As of 2017, global population is estimated by 7.6 billion. Out of this ocean of people, the number of international travellers was of 1.2 billion in 2016, according to the World Tourism Organisation, responsible for releasing annual rankings for the number of tourists by country. The number of tourists have been increasing each year, which is also leading certain places to stand against tourism, or massive tourism. Funny thing is that whilst some countries, like Spain and France, is receive such huge amount of tourists, with the annual number of international visitors being higher than the number of inhabitants of these places, other countries are destiny to relatively a very little number of tourists, like Brazil and Colombia.

Tourism forms part of the global economy, sometimes making up to 9% of GDP and employing 1/11 people globally, and the good news is that this number is set to increase significantly in the next years. However, although tourism could make good economical gains, countries like Italy and Greece have been making efforts to repel tourists. The reasons for this against-current decision is massive tourism. In Greece, for example, the government decided to cut the number of tourists by reducing the number of cruises allowed to dock by in some of their islands, like Santorini. 

But don't worry! You're most likely to be very welcome even in these countries that decided to reduce the number of international visitors. Some people even argue that, by limiting massive tourism, it means that people will get to have better experiences while travelling to these countries. Hi Hipster will now present you the favourite countries for most people, so you'll get to know what are the classic tourist destinations that you need to pay a visit.


10. Turkey


The intercontinental country -- stretching from East Europe to West Asia, is well known for its mix of culture and its beauty. Turkish people have been settled in Anatolia peninsula for thousands of years and although they are muslim, they are definitely not Arab, and speak their own language, Turkish. There is a lot to see in Turkey; from the vibrant capital Istanbul, to the charming and enchanting Capadocia and its colourful balloons. Turkey has seen its number of tourists decrease drastically, due to unfortunate recent episodes of political instability and terrorism. However, 31.3 million people have visited Turkey in 2016.

9. Thailand


Paradise beaches or energetic cities? Regardless of your choice, friendly Thai people will be everywhere. Thailand certainly offers a wide range of touristic attractions. No wonder, this is a tropical country, full of forests, traditional temples, beaches and elephants. The Kingdom of Thailand is also an Asian Tiger, due to its fast-growing economy. In 2016, 32.6 million people have visited this piece of heaven.

8. Mexico


Home to some of the most beautiful white sand, bright blue beaches in the world, Mexico is full of surprises. To start, this Spanish speaking country is the cradle of one of the most intriguing civilisations in the world; the Mayans were notable for their written language, arts and architecture. The second economy in Latin America, Mexico is a melting pot, full of cultures, languages, rhythms and beauty. Mexico received 35 million tourists in the year of 2016, according to the World Tourism Organisation.

7. Germany


Germany has a lot of History to tell, walking through the streets of Berlin is like visiting a big museum. The first economy of Europe is also world reference for life quality, according to UN, and it's a very rich country in culture. If cosmopolitan atmospheres is what catches you, then Germany is for you. This country is home to many big cities, like Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne -- each of them with its own characteristics. While Hamburg is full of large canals and lakes, Berlin is a mix of contrasts. But if you're looking more for a cosy destination, Dresden is a charming city, with typical German architecture and amazing food. This four times winner of World Cup country was destination to 35.6 million visitors in 2016.

6. United Kingdom


The United Kingdom is composed of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The land of the queen is full of vibrant cities, with London being a capital full of modern tribes and alternative culture. Tourism in the U.K has always been quite strong, since this insular country has since so long ago been one of the most influential places in the world, with its military, economy and culture dynamism. In 2016, The United Kingdom received 35.8 million international tourists.

5. Italy


The mother of Western Culture, Italy is a place of flavours, views and History. Think of pasta, pizza, wine, fashion and art and you will understand very clear why this country is so loved by travellers. Home to the old Roman Empire, Italy has always been on the spot. From Milan to Sicily, there is just so much to see in the home country of Da Vinci and Michelangelo. Italy shines on the Mediterranean sea and in 2016, attracted 52.4 million tourists.

4. China


Of course the gigantic country wouldn't be out of the top 5, right? China has been experiencing a massive economical growth and by now, this Asian country is already the first economy in the world, according to its GDP (PPP). By becoming such such an economical hub, China attracts tourists from all over the world, on behalf of their businesses. But China is not only about  business, a visit to China is an opportunity of emerging in a whole different culture, with incredible culinary and folkloric experiences. In 2016, there were 59.3 million tourists in China. A lot? Ok, check next country then.

3. Spain


Every year Spain receives tons of young Europeans desperate for sun and fun, and this Iberian country surely has what to offer. Mediterranean and Atlantic beaches, sunny days most of the year, so many different fresh cocktails and delicious food -- this is Spain. Ah, and it's a must to mention as well that this old navigator country is absolutely rich in culture and History. No wonder 75.6 million people have visited Spain in 2016. Not bad for a county of 47 million inhabitants.

2. United States


Busy airports, crowded streets... A picture of U.S dynamic travel industry. Not a surprise, the United States is mix of people, landscapes and atmospheres. Scenario to so many movies and stories, this American country plays an important role on human imaginary with its cool Hollywood and cosmopolitan New York. First economy, third population in the world, we're all expecting a lot of tourists here, isn't it? Correct. Just like Spain, 75.6 million people have visited this gigantic country in 2016. Now crash the drums for number 1...

1. France


I have a feeling you're not surprised. France has been top 1 since long ago when it comes to tourism. Well, Paris is blessed with love and enchantment, and the inspiring Eiffel Tower just makes it even more surreal. It gives nightmares to think, however, that this piece of art hasn't always been loved. Fact is that the tower of love has been very criticised after its construction, for its ~ugly~ design. They didn't imagine that it would become the most visited monument in the world. But France is not all about a tower and romanticism, there is also a lot of art, culinary, History and the splendid blue waters of the Mediterranean coast. Want to visit France? In 2016, 82.6 million people did so. Wow. 

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