Millennials: a generation of globetrotters

If you were born between the 1980’s and the 1990’s, congratulations, you are from the generation Y, which means you are a Millennial. But what is there to being a Millennial? Well, this a relatively different generation from the prior ones. The main characteristics of Millennials is their dependence on internet (Holy WiFi <3), remarkably higher level of education and more care for a work-life balance - with studies showing that 9 out of 10 Millennials consider it important to have a good work-life balance, according to Brain Drain Study.

Since the generation Y - or Millennials (both words are synonymous), prizes the opportunity to enjoy life, another characteristic has become a mark of this generation: travelling. What better way to enjoy life than travelling? Getting to know different cultures, different people and habits is something just amazing that also gives one the opportunity to grow values and respect. So true is that, that the Millennials are also known for their more liberal views and less prejudice than previous generations.

This new generation that separated with their parents idea of keeping the same job, no matter what, is looking for new horizons and alternatives to carry their lives and build a better society. As a result, as of 2017, we see the rise and consolidation of companies with ideas that would have been unacceptable a few decades ago, like taking a lift from a stranger with apps such as BlaBlaCar, or hosting someone you never heard of before with a simple AirBnB account. The Millennials had to learn to trust and rely on a global community and this is changing the structure of society. And speaking of community, another key factor to distinguish Millennials from the Baby Boomers or the Generation X is that this generation of globetrotters is highly community-oriented.

Millennials are big travellers who are more and more comfortable with terms such as modern nomads or expats, and the fast-growing number of international tourists all over the globe is a reflection of this phenomenon. For example, as we showed in one of our blog posts, some countries have more tourists than inhabitants. But as the travel business is expanding, classic destinations have been losing their monopoly over tourism, with tons of people looking for new experiences in places such as South America, parts of Africa and Asia.

Backpacking has become a trend in every big city or touristic areas you go. With that, hostels are becoming just as popular as hotels, according to Forbes. This is the characteristic of travelling from the 21st century; travellers prefer to explore more of the world rather than spend all of their money in costly accommodations and, as such, be unable to explore different countries. In fact, many Millennials are doing as much as they can to travel the world, and in places all over the world it is very common to bump into foreigners serving food or doing general work in accommodation businesses in order to pay for their stay.

With the rise of the internet, travelling became so simple and easy, and the Millennials are taking good joy out of this. A simple search on Facebook and anyone can find a huge amount of groups made for travellers and exchangers. In many of these groups and pages, people exchange information about their journeys, experiences, places they’ve visited and the pros and cons from a certain trip. This greatly helps those who engage in the Millennial lifestyle of travelling, as anyone can get informed before going on a trip, in order to prevent bad surprises.

Some may argue that Millennials are the free-soul generation, who are no longer satisfied with being locked in an office their whole life, and keep the same old job. While some argue that the Generation Y is narcissistic and naive with their expectations, this is a generation of change, with people reaching for new things, new ideas and, most importantly, overcoming their ego to engage in a society of sharing and communion. And this narcissistic trait added to great expectations on their own lives have a lot to say about Millennials willpower and self-belief.

Who could guess that sedentism, one of the main reasons of human triumph, would suddenly start to be overcome by modern nomadism? Fact is, this new generation of explorers is travelling hard, leaving the 33kg luggage behind, giving up on hotel rooms with private bathrooms and, ironically, exploring much more of Mother Earth.

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