Globetrot Club: Our space

Globetrot Club: Our space

Travelling is one of the most remarkable phenomenons of XXI century. Not that travelling is endemic to our era, but for the first time human civilisation have such dynamic travelling style. In the past, navigators dared to explore the world for business purposes -- in the search of land, natural researches and food condiments. This was back a few centuries with the flourishment of mercantilism and deep lack of geographical knowledge by men. 

Time has passed and now travelling is so easy and accessible, being a hobby of many. The invention of airplanes and better diplomacy between countries, made cultural exchange a mark of our time. 

Together with travelling, it comes other related passions. For example, some people are fans of airplanes, some are fans of maps and some are fans of city symbols, or specific places, like Paris, London, New York or Rio. Thinking of that, we are happy to offer you all a place where you can be in touch with cool things that you find amazing, and we also have some articles that will suit your passion, like t-shirts, homeware and phone cases with travel-related themes. 

You have the world to explore experiences, and Globetrot Club to explore your passions.

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